Ace Attorney 5 confirmed for 3DS, Layton vs. Ace Attorney Japanese release date

In the latest Famitsu issue, we got details on Ace Attorney 5 which was confirmed to be coming for the 3DS. It will have a playable 15 minute demo available at TGS. The game will feature Phoenix Wright returning as a lawyer as well as a new female companion. Unlike previous iterations in the series, it will feature fully 3D character models.

One new gameplay element is the ability to choose facial expressions via icons on the touch-screen during a testimony. It is unknown what purpose this will serve, though. Some pictures of the game can be viewed below.

Layton vs. Ace Attorney’s release date is believed to be November 29. At the back of the magazine, there is an ad for Layton vs. Ace Attorney featuring a puzzle that shows the numbers “6211”. Numerous clues supposedly suggest that the numbers are supposed to be read the other way around as “1129” revealing the date.


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