Top 5 most shocking Nintendo facts! – Part #2!

Here are 5 more Nintendo facts that you might not know about it. If you haven’t read the first one, you can read it here.

1. In Metroid Prime 3, there are hidden messages from renowned game creator Shigeru Miyamoto (known for creating Mario and other franchises), Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata and a couple others if you press the right combination of buttons.



To hear Satoru Iwata’s secret message, push buttons: 2 7 5 1

Hello, this is Iwata from Nintendo.
A president has to take things really seriously, even if it doesn’t seem like it.
It’s understandable if you lose weight from stress…but I get fatter instead.
Nobody thinks I’m taking it seriously.

To hear Shigeru Miyamoto’s secret message, push buttons: 8 3 5 4

Ah, can you hear me? This is Miyamoto.
All of you playing Metroid, can you hear me?
It’s fun, isn’t it?
I’ve also worked on many [Metroid] games, but this one is the best yet, don’t you think?
Make sure to play it all the way to the end.
See you!

2. Nintendo advising us on global warming?

In the AR Games Globe app on the 3DS, shoot the Earth over and over again and it will explode into hundreds of pieces. Once it explodes, it’ll say ‘Look after our planet’. Is Nintendo trying to give us a message on global warming?!


3. The creators of Netscape wanted to make an online network for the N64…and Nintendo was willing to fund it.

netscape nintendo

Sadly though it didn’t come to fruition. Hiroshi Yamauchi, Nintendo’s former president and Nintendo of America’s Howard Lincoln both expressed interest in online gaming at the time. Considering how many consider Nintendo behind the times when it comes to their online services, this is quite interesting. You can read more details about it over here.


4. Do a barrel roll! Wait, I mean an aileron roll.

star fox 63 barrel roll

Most gamers know about the popular catchphrase, ‘Do a barrel roll’ in the Starfox franchise. One thing many do not know is that the barrel roll that you see performed in Star Fox isn’t a barrel roll at all but rather an aileron roll. The only actual barrel roll is performed in Star Fox Assault!


5. Halo was in development for the DS. No, this isn’t a joke.


In Januray 2007, IGN’s Matt Casamassina played a version of Halo for the Nintendo DS. Footage was later released showing an early-development version of the game featuring dual-wielding and a version of Halo 2 map Zanzibar. The game was an unsolicited pitch by Bungie employees which Microsoft decided not to take on. If you’re wondering why Microsoft would even consider bringing Halo to the Nintendo DS, it’s because they do not have any competing handhelds. In fact, Microsoft developer Rare made a Viva Pinata game for the DS.


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