Mega Wii U Conferences Summary!

We recently had multiple conferences regarding the Wii U. I’ve summarized all the things you need to know right here in this post!

Two SKUs

Basic: 8GB storage, HDMI cable, GamePad 299.99

Deluxe: 32GB storage, HDMI cable, GamePad, Stands, Includes NintendoLand + Deluxe Digital Promotion 349.99

Some Specs

Wii U supports full HD 1080p, GPU is able to perform general computing tasks (GPGPU). Main mem: 1 GB. System: 1 GB. Total: 2GB.

Games use only 1 GB of main memory. System memory is for OS. Game discs 25 GB, up to 22.5 MB/s (megabytes per second).
16:03 The Wii U consumes up to 75 watts of electricity. Typical power usage is 45 watts.

  • Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (otherwise known as Tri G) was announced for the Wii U and 3DS. It’s coming to the US this march and Europe sometime, the Wii U version has online but the 3DS version only features local-multiplayer. They feature the ability to transfer a save file between the 3DS and Wii U version of the game.

monster hunter 3 ultimate

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 confirmed for Wii U, exclusive features include the ability to use the GamePad as the game’s mini-map, to activate score streaks and to change your loadout mid-game. You could also use the GamePad as a second screen in two-player modes with one person playing on the TV and another on the GamePad. Off-TV play is also supported.
  • Bayonetta 2 announced as a Wii U exclusive, published by Nintendo.
  • Project P-100 now known as “The Wonderful 101”. Wii U exclusive.
  • Nintendo TVii announced for Wii U, comes with the console, television functionality that allows you to search for content across Netflix, Hulu+, your cable television and more. Only supported in the US and Canada at the time.
  • New Super Mario Bros. U trailer
  • Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper Wii U Trailer.
  • Nano Assault Neo announced for Wii U
  • Disney Epic Mickey 2 confirmed for Wii U
  • Transformers Prime announced for the Wii U
  • New Super Mario Bros U Trailer

  • Lego City Undercover (formerly Stories) new trailer, Wii U exclusive

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