3DS news round-up!

A 3DS Nintendo Direct has recently aired providing us with a lot of new announcements. I’ve detailed them below.

  • Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, Star Fox 64 3D, and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D are all coming to the European and North American eShop. The four games are available right now for €44.99/£39.99 in Europe while in North America, they will be available for $39.99 on October 18.


  • White 3DS XL Mario Kart 7 bundle and Pikachu 3DS XL announced for Europe. The Mario Kart 7 3DS XL will launch later this year. The Pikachu 3DS XL does not yet have a release-date and will only be available for a limited time


  • Pushmo sequel, Crashmo (Fallblox) is coming to US and Europe this November (the 22nd for the US). It will feature 90 training levels and 120 new levels. There is a new gameplay mechanic adding gravity to puzzle blocks. Not only that but puzzles are no longer limited to a 2D plane and can pulled from every side.


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GBA games might finally arrive on the 3DS eShop!

On the Nintendo of Europe press server, the box-arts for three GBA games (Super Mario Ball, Mario Golf Advance Tour and Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga) were uploaded.

As you might know, a European 3DS-focused Nintendo Direct was announced. It is very possible that they may end up announcing GBA games for the eShop during that presentation!

In the Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga spirit, I ask you guys this.

GBA games coming to the eShop?

gba nintendo 3ds

It seems GBA games might be coming to the eShop soon. Nintendo Australia’s website features a GBA Virtual Console logo under the list of Virtual Console platforms. The only title listed for the GBA so far is Dr. Mario. While Dr. Mario was released for the GBA, it was ported from the NES. As the 3DS has a NES Virtual Console, it could be referring to the NES game.

dr mario gba 3ds virtual console

Even so the fact that there was a specific image made for a GBA Virtual Console gives me hope. Playing Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga as well as other great GBA games on my 3DS would be really awesome!

Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 might appear as downloadable titles on the European eShop

super mario 3d land and mario kart 7

On the Nintendo 3DS’s eShop servers, the European title IDs for Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land were added. Not only this but there is additional data that shows that the title contains a digital manual much like the retail copies of both games.

What does this tell us exactly, you ask? It means that Nintendo of Europe might be adding Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 to the eShop as another game available both on the eShop and in stores like New Super Mario Bros. 2!

Nintendo announces HarmoKnight, a rhythm platformer developed by Pokemon devs Gamefreak for the 3DS eShop

During Nintendo Direct, Nintendo announced a rhythm platformer for the 3DS eShop developed by the folks over at Gamefreak (known for developing the Pokemon games).


An Iwata Asks interview gives more insight on the game. The rhythm-platformer was the idea of Gamefreak employee James Turner (UK). Pokemon game director Masuda directed the game and commented on the difficulty of starting projects not involving Pokemon due to the heavy focus on Pokemon within the company. It was also said that the game started off as a side-scrolling DS game at first.

Nintendo removing original Freakyforms from the European eShop soon

Now that Freakyforms: Deluxe is coming to the eShop, Nintendo is planning to remove the original Freakyforms next week. On the European eShop, there is a message detailing the news.

The following software will no longer be available for purchase after 16/08/2012:
– Freakyforms™
The software will continue to be available for re-download if you have already purchased it.
We apologise for the inconvenience.
Nintendo eShop Team

The pricepoint of Freakyforms: Deluxe is different from the original at £19.99 versus £5.40 for the original. If you want the original, you should pick it up soon.