Wii U confirmed to use a “modified” E6760 GPU

Recently, there have been numerous rumours going around claiming that the Wii U featured an embedded Radeon E6760 GPU.  I emailed them last week to verify these rumours and I can confirm that they are indeed true.

I’ve detailed specifications for this GPU below which you can also view at AMD’s site.

AMD Radeon™ E6760
GPU + memory, 37.5 mm x 37.5 mm BGA
TDP: 35W
Process Technology: 40 nm
Operating Frequency: 600 MHz
PCI Express® 2.1 (x1, x2, x4, x8, x16)
Shader Processing Units: 6 SIMD engines x 80 processing elements = 480 shaders
Floating Point Performance (single precision, peak): 576 GFLOPs
3D Mark Score: 5870
AMD App Acceleration, AMD Eyefinity & AMD HD3D technologies
DirectX® 11
Shader Model 5.0
OpenGL 4.1
AMD App Acceleration, OpenCL™ 1.18, DirectCompute 11
UVD3 for H.264, VC-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 part 2 decode
Operating Frequency (max): 800 MHz / 3.2 Gbps
Configuration, type: 128-bit wide, 1 GB, GDDR5, 51.2 GB/s

With a floating point performance of 576 GFLOPS, 480 shader units and DirectX 11 support, this GPU is quite a large step-up over current-generation consoles (360, PS3) and should competently allow for next-gen downports (from the PS4 or Nextbox). Frankly, I’m quite excited!


European Nintendo Direct focusing on the Wii U announced for September 13th

wii u console

Nintendo of Europe president Satoru Shibata will be hosting a Wii U focused Nintendo Direct at 4PM CEST. This is in addition to the New York presentation about the Wii U occurring this Thursday.

While we don’t know what will be discussed at this presentation, it’s reasonable to assume that we will get details on the Wii U’s release date and price. Maybe even the launch game library! No matter what it is, be sure to stay tuned here (by following us on Twitter, Facebook or using our RSS feed). for coverage of the presentation!

“Our Nintendo Direct Wii U Preview presentation is coming soon! Check back here on Thursday September 13th at 3 p.m. (UK time) to watch it live!”


Some new info on other Nintendo Land attractions

GameInformer has released some new details on two Nintendo Land attractions; Metroid Blast and Balloon Trip Breeze.

metroid blast wii u nintendo land

Metroid Blast:

  • Metroid Blast features a 5-player mode. Wii U Game Pad controls Samus’s ship while the 4 players who use the Wii MotionPlus have to try and shoot down the ship.
  • Horde mode, battle through waves of enemies with others.
  • Features classic Metroid music.
  • Features a lava-filled map similar to Norfair. Has a mechanical Kraid which players can grapple up to.
  • Requires a Wii MotionPlus, regular Wii remotes do not appear to be supported

Balloon Trip Breeze:

  • Players guide floating Miis through side-scrolling levels with obstacles, goal is to fly as far as you can.
  • You can use the touch-screen on the GamePad to draw gusts of wind to move the Mii.
  • The television shows the entire field while the GamePad shows a zoomed-in portion.
  • Nintendo hopes the game will breed competition through Miiverse

Chandra from ONM says “to keep the faith Nintendo fans”, Wii U news just around the corner

Gamers that have been following the Wii U have probably noticed the lack of substantial news concerning the platform. Considering the platform is coming out in a couple months, this may be a little worrying.  Chandra over at Offical Nintendo Magazine says to keep the faith as we will get more news soon. I sure hope we do.

“Keep the faith nintendo fans. You won’t see much at gamescom other than ubi updates but the good stuff IS just around the corner. …frustrating for me too but there is stuff coming soon.”


Rayman Legends – Gamescom trailer, Wii U exclusivity

Ubisoft has recently shown a new trailer for Rayman Legends which you can see below. It revealed a Christmans 2012 release date for the game.

The more interesting bit is the end where it states that the game is exclusive to the Wii U. Before, it was said that the game might be releasing on other platforms but with this, it seems the game will only be releasing on the Wii U.

Wii U rayman legends exclusive