Adventure Time 3DS/DS Collector’s Edition revealed along with new dialogue and screenshots

The Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d you steal our garbage?! Collector’s Edition contents have finally been revealed. It contains the game, a gold sword stylus, a map of the Land of Ooo, a Book of Beasts guide-book and an Enchiridion SteelBook case. It’ll cost an extra $10!

There are also some new screenshots that were shown in Nintendo Power.

Adventure Time creator, Pen Ward gave Kotaku some dialogue that he wrote to be used in the game.

At some point in the game, Jake needs to be a bridge to carry you across into a new section of the game. But you have to wait until Jake wants to be a bridge in order to do it. The dialogue I wrote around it—which I’m not sure if this is going to end up in the game because I just wrote this the other day and it was kind of late—[is as follows:]

Hot Dog Princess would say, “Jake, before you go can you do me a kindness?”

Jake would say, “Sure HDP.”

And Hot Dog Princess would say, “Make your body into a bridge for me. A goopy flesh bridge so I can walk all over you. I wanna smoosh my tiny hot dog feet into your nasty back!”

Jake says, “No that’s super weird.”

And she says, “Please just think about it. Keep it in your mind.”

Jake says, “Well now I have to, because it’s gross.”

And then when you get to the bridge portion of the game, Jake will freak out and remember this crazy Hot Dog bridge fantasy and say, “Oh Glob! Hot Dog Princess’ bridge fantasy is eating away at my psyche. I have to know if I’m into being a bridge. Finn, walk across my back.”

And Finn says, “I am comfortable with this.”

And then they walk across the bridge together and Jake says, “Phew, I can safely say I’m not into being a bridge. It’s not a bad thing, but it’s not something I’d want to do over gorges willy nilly. What I’m saying is: I’ll be a bridge. Only sometimes, at designated markers.”

And Finn says, “Ok, that’s very helpful.”

And Jake interrupts and says, “But I don’t like it. I don’t like being a bridge. I don’t like it.”

What do I think of all this? I think it’s…MATHEMATICAL!


More details on Animal Crossing 3DS, new trailer and Japanese release date

During Nintendo Direct, we were given more details on the much-anticipated game Animal Crosssing 3D as well as a release date. A trailer was shown which you can see below. The game is set to release in Japan on November 8 2012


Some new things shown include the ability to decide what shops to build and when shops open as well as the ability to exchange designs via a QR Code. You are also able to change furniture colour in your house.

Iwata promised to give more details in a future broadcast dedicated to the game.

Nintendo announces HarmoKnight, a rhythm platformer developed by Pokemon devs Gamefreak for the 3DS eShop

During Nintendo Direct, Nintendo announced a rhythm platformer for the 3DS eShop developed by the folks over at Gamefreak (known for developing the Pokemon games).


An Iwata Asks interview gives more insight on the game. The rhythm-platformer was the idea of Gamefreak employee James Turner (UK). Pokemon game director Masuda directed the game and commented on the difficulty of starting projects not involving Pokemon due to the heavy focus on Pokemon within the company. It was also said that the game started off as a side-scrolling DS game at first.

Professor Layton and the Ruins of an Advanced Civilization announced for 3DS by Level 5

During a recent Nintendo Direct, the CEO of Level-5, Akhiro Hino announced the sixth entry into the Professor Layton series. This is the last game in the second prequel trilogy.


There are some screenshots of the game below,

Shin Megami Tensei IV 3DS Trailer Images

shin megami tensei iv 3ds

In Japan, people have managed to take photos of a Shin Megami Tensei IV trailer that comes with Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers. With this, we can deduce that the game is in third person, features a world map, has voice acting and resembles SMT3 visually. You can view some more pics below.

Sumo says Wii U specs are surprising, has “way more memory” than PS3/360

wii u black console

The Sonic and All Stars Transformed racing developers commented on the Wii U specs and have said that they were surprised. One thing they mentioned was that they were surprised by the capability of the GPU and that it has lots more memory than current consoles. While this is all relative to their expectations, the fact that it has much more memory is some good news.

“There are always surprises and unexpected challenges when you develop on a new console,” said Lycett. “When we first got our hands on the kit, the first surprise was the capability of the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). We’d been worried that we might need to re-engineer all the effects and shaders in the game, but they worked just fine.

“The Wii U looks as good as any of the HD platforms. The Wii U has way more memory, so we can take advantage of that with less compression on elements and textures, so it will look all lovely and shiny.”

Nintendo Power closing down, might have a digital future

nintendo power issue 1

According to a source over at Ars Technica and numerous tweets, Nintendo Power will be coming to an end because Nintendo has chosen to not renew their licensing agreement with Future. The magazine which launched in 1988 was run by Nintendo until it was licensed over to Future Publishing in 2007. With Nintendo Power being one of the longest running videogame magazines, many are sad to see it go.

There may be some good news, though. Over at CVG, there have been unconfirmed reports that a digital future for the magazine might still exist. We can only hope.